The VISIBLE Army Personal Stories


Joshua DavidJoshua David
34-year-old male



Kirah Danielle DeCarlo

Kirah DeCarlo

26-year-old female


Kyla Perry

Kyla Perry
16-year-old female



Lynn Hubbard

Lynn Hubbard
Mother of a 14-year-old son with Fibromyalgia



  1. I have ME, and I’ve waited 40 years or the doctors to tell me that, instead of telling me it was in my head. But there’s no room in there as I have a Tumor in my brain, which my children and I call it the bug.
    Each time I get a bout of it, it gets worse, and lasts longer. But this time I have been suffering for over a year and a half with this one. I am now in a wheelchair, I have a special hospital bed, which is in my front room, along with my wheelchair, commode, dressing table, a special chair and stool. All my bits are downstairs, it looks just like a bedroom in the front room, and I hate it.

    I hate my life, I hate having ME, why me, I know I have done bad things in the past, and now I am paying for what I done back then.

  2. have fibro since 2009 for what i fight for everyday even though i got this disease am proud of it …just i got to dell with my issues every day and night it sucks but what can i do with it am a fighter and am strong

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