You may or may not have noticed that there has been a new page added to this blog – The VISIBLE ARMY. It is a page full of photos of people (and one teddy bear) trying to spread awareness about our condition.

Not everyone on the page suffers with FM. Some of the people are people we rely on to get through the day –  they are our friends, family or anyone else who supports spreading awareness of our condition.

So, please add your picture and/or the pictures of your support networks and make us all VISIBLE!

If you’re a Facebook person, I am asking you to update your status with a picture like this:

  • Open the picture template

  • Your computer will ask what you would like to do with the presentation – You want to OPEN it.

  • Once open, you will want to INSERT a lovely photo of yourself.

  • Then press 1) FILE; 2) SAVE AS, then pick a name & save it as type *jpg.

  • You can then upload it to your status and you’re ready to spread awareness

You can also post your picture to my Facebook page. All the photo are also on the VISIBLE ARMY page of this blog.

Everybody can spread FM awareness – not just people with FM!

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  1. I don’t have power-point. I can view but I cannot change. I’ll make my own though. Thanks for doing this!

  2. James Stephens

    I thank them for what they are doing & would do what’s needed if I could. First I’m not too smart or computer literate. I also “I assume” got Adult ADHD as a side affect of the fibro. I can’t follow instructions anymore or read more than about a paragraph. I hate fibro! It seems most any strange symptom of fibro I get. It has sure made me lose weight so it’d not all bad. lol If any wants to add me feel free to do so.. Thanks!!

  3. Loving the ‘Visible Army’!!!

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