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We’re back at the day that I organise my dosette (a reusable device that allows medicines to be housed in grid like compartments, in preparation for sequential dosing according to a prescribed regime). Now, approximately 90 days ago, I ordered a tonne of supplements because I read that they might help my FM – and now I’m running out.

I never bothered to research them. I just kinda asked my GP is it okay to take them, and off I went.

I mean, really, how many of you have been told of miracle supplements that will make you better, energise you, and let you go back to work?

As such, I had a bit of a look around the net and put together a little table (here). By no means does it have all the information about each supplement, nor does it have every supplement. So, I’m suggesting (strongly) to you that, prior to trying, adding, reducing any of your supplements, please talk to your doctor.

Questions to ask your doctor include:

  1. What’s the right dosage for me?
  2. Should I take it with food?
  3. What time of day should I take it?
  4. Will this supplement interact badly with my prescriptions?
  5. Does it have side effects that might mimic or aggravate my fibro symptoms (such as depression or sleep difficulties)?


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  1. I so feel you pretty lady, I take a multitude of supplements but the one that I believe that is most valuable is Vitamin D because it helps the others to be most useful. My doctor told me that most of her FM patients were deficient in this vitamin that is essential for good health “of course none as low as mine” it took 4 years of taking 5 to 6 thousand IU’s a day before I got it back to normal. Mainly I take things to support muscle and bone health but have had to add a herb called Black Cohosh it was widely used by American Indian women during the change of life. I truly believe menopause is just one more thing that aggravates our condition. I appreciate you passing on the information about checking for supplement and prescription interaction some people don’t realize that this is a serious problem and many times over looked by GP’s or Pharmacists We must be vigilant in our homework and not afraid to ask questions It Is Our Life that we are so passionately trying to save. Lori

  2. I am so excited…and had to share this I was just at a Health food store called Natures RX I drug my banded and ravaged body in to get something for my ailing 86 year old mother. I can’t remember why I mentioned FM but the shop owner asked me if I wanted a “Cure” I said what ? Anyway this is what she said and the rest is up to you..Get Rid of all Aluminum might not be an easy task but I am personally going to make an effort. After two decades I am desperate to find relief any way I can. The supplement is called Magnesium Malate it says studies have shown that this helps to eliminate built of stores of aluminum in your brain. This is what the pamphlet says:In a recently published study, a combined preparation of both magnesium and malic acid were given to patients with fibromyalgia. The results of the study were encouraging all patients reported significant relief of pain within 48 hours of treatment and within 4 to 8 weeks all patients had significant and measurable decrease in the pain and tenderness of all the 18 trigger points. There it is if it helps just one of us then its worth looking into Right Lori

    • Lori – please check with your doctor. i tried it and all I got was diarhoea – so i was told to stop it immediately. You may get different results plus please make sure you talk to your GP.

      • Thanks so much for your input I appreciate any and all helpful suggestions as my time here on the planet has become quite difficult even with the new medication I have been on for 9 months now called Savella it is only the second one specifically for FM sufferers and only works in 50% of patients I feel fortunate that it has caused a change in my condition for the better. It has allowed me to do things that give me joy now don’t get me wrong it is by no means a “Cure” like the Health food lady is professing but a year ago I would never have been able to have a yard with beautiful flowers and vegetable’s growing. It took all my strength just to go to the grocer let alone all I have to do to take care of my disabled sister and 86 year old mother I was desperate and starting to unravel when I found this medication and it is helping. If you have never heard of this ask your doctor if it might be a good fit for you. In my garden I receive lots of good energy but at times all I can do is go and sit but it helps my pain to be able to appreciate Natures beauty. My medication is covered by a prescription drug program so I receive it at no cost so for anyone who would like the contact information for some of these programs in the states let me know LORIme know and I will post ot fpr upi a;;/

  3. I’d like to make two suggestions – one that you don’t take supplemental synthetic folic acid (increases risk of breast cancer) – and that you make sure your Vitamin D is not in tablet form but is in capsule form (with olive oil as the base). If you have questions please message me.

    I wish you so much health and wellness in your future.

    To the other commenter, there are different types of magnesium (eg. magnesium oxide, etc). Some are more bio-available to your body than others. You will need to try different types. Magnesium that is not as bio-available is used to help in constipation which is why it causes the runs in some people.

    I’m helping my father-in-law with his MS, and there is a lot of research out there on MSG, aspartame, and grains as causing inflammation in the body so maybe you would want to check that out if it peaks your interest.

    Best wishes and god bless!

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