WEGO Health Activist Award

I’ve been nominated for a WEGO Health Activist Award; and (I’ll admit it) I would really like (and be honoured) to receive one.

So, if you think I deserve one, please nominate me at the WEGO site.

Tee Hee! I’ll even guide you through the process:

  1. Type www.fibromodem.com in the web address space then click NOMINATE
  2. blog_titled_transparent_2013-10-22Click on BEST IN SHOW: BLOG
  3. Type fibromodem@fibromodem.com into the email space, then click NEXT
  4. Type in the reason why you think I deserve the award (and if it’s because I’m asking you, please don’t do it)
  5. Click on CONTINUE
  6. Find FIBROMYALGIA on the list of interests, then press CONTINUE
  7. Insert the URL address of the site you follow me on (as below), then CONTINUEWEGO
  8. Type in your details, then CONTINUE
  9. Click on SKIP
  10. And, finally, click on SUBMIT

Thank you.

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