Yesterday, I (with my Mommy) was running late for my pain specialist. I hate running late. It stresses me out. I think it is incredibly rude. But, yesterday, when my Mommy was apologising for making us late, I was just ‘whatever.’

Then I thought about it and I’ve been ‘whatever’ for quite a while. It’s not such a bad feeling – it’s stress-less, very laid back and unemotional. But it’s very nothing.

I also noticed that I haven’t been writing anything personal on this blog – it’s been all about research and studies. It’s because there is nothing.

I think I’m on too many drugs…

When I was first diagnosed, (other than a quick dose of steroids) I was immediately put on Lyrica. Anytime I felt more pain, the doctors increased my dosage…my current Lyrica dosage is 225mg both morning and night.

I also take 150mg of Sertraline for depression – it used to 100 mg but during this ‘whatever, nothing’ stage, I felt that I needed something extra. My GP was happy to increase the dose. There’s also 1100ʮg per week of Thyroxine for my under-active thyroid; the Pill (I went off it (because who’s having any sex?) but my periods were unbearable!); and, of course, there’s all the supplements that we’re supposed to take: vitamin D, Red Krill Oil, D-Ribose, Sam-E, CoQ10, and a multi-vitamin.

Anyway, my point is that no-one tried anything except the Lyrica…why not?

So, having visited the pain specialist yesterday, we’re trying something else: I’m running out of all the supplements at the moment, so I’m just going to stop them as the bottles empty; and I’m going to wean off the Lyrica:


Because this ‘whatever, nothing’ just isn’t good enough. I want more. I NEED more!

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  1. Very brave of you hun! make sure and let us know how you get on. I’d like to come off Lyrica as well. I think it’s been making me gain lots of weight. And after a woman offered me her seat on the train Sunday – I’m feeling forced to!
    On another, (less embarassing note), I’ve been scared to come off of it and Cymbalta because of the side effects I hear about.
    I agree that this whatever nothing feeling isn’t always a good thing, although I delight in people’s reactions to my lack of reactions sometimes lol. But yes, good on you and keep us posted:) xxx

  2. I’ll say a little prayer that the weaning-off process is as painless as possible. I really hope they can find SOMETHING to make you feel better enough to LIVE, rather than just exist. I think that many of us are looking for that balance – I hope you find yours!

    I take Savella (milnacipran) ,which helps bring my FM pain down somewhat (after Lyrica proved ineffective AND caused me to gain 50 lbs). I’ve also tried venlafaxine (no help) and more pain medications than I care to think about. Savella seems to be a love-it-or-hate-it medication: either it works or it causes horrible side effects…

  3. A prescription nightmare in more ways than one! I find it shocking that the medicines that they are prescribing for us, fibro patients, also have a side effect of “muscle problems, pain, soreness or weakness along with feeling sick and fever, new or worse depression, new or worse anxiety, trouble sleeping, suicidal thoughts or actions” quoted directly from a Lyrica ad. Cymbalta and many other medications have a similar warning. So how do they distinguish between fibro that is getting worse or flairing and the need to up the medication or if the medication is the culprit and they are actually making the problem worse by adding more medication? Savella caused my heart to race something terrible, beware of it’s side effects as well if you decide to try it. I have had better luck treating the pain and flairs with one or more of the following: Tramadol, an aspirin 250 mg./caffeine 65 mg./acetaminophen 250 mg. combination tablet (nonprescription), Flector Patch (diclofenac epolamine topical patch 1.3%)-I kinda of think of it as Celebrex in a patch that I can apply directly to an area that is flairing, Tart Cherry Supplements, and eating more fish. (If none of those bring down the pain, I have a fibro box and drawer that I keep other support aides in to use/try). My thoughts and prayers are with you during the weaning process. I found it extremely helpful to put a cold pack or a damp cold washcloth on my forehead and under the neck when going through the withdrawal stage; I know we are miles apart, but please imagine all the support of your readers/friends helping you through this ordeal and that we there with you supporting you with this washcloth and cold pack. You can do this! — potofcallaloo & Karen – I too experienced weight gain. When I went off Neurontin (after also being on Lyrica previously) and Cymbalta, I lost 20 pounds.

  4. Good post ! I’ve missed the purple lady we all know and love. Welcome back and I look forward to hearing how your doing and how your feeling as this whatever stage ends. Lots of love to you xxx

  5. I wish you luck in this “detox” venture. I have thought about doing the same thing myself. I am on such a handful of drugs and supplements that I often wonder how many of my symptoms are from fibro and RA, and how many are side effects. I take Doxepin for the fibro; Celebrex, leflunomide, Plaquenil, Enbrel injection and methotrexate injection for the RA; Lexapro for depression; Vicoprofen and Flexeril as needed for pain and stiffness; Omeprazole for acid reflux(or is too many nsaids, etc.); Topamax and Imitrex for migraines. I have noticed that I, too, have “mellowed” into a “whatever, nothing” kind of existence. I thought it was a good thing, because I don’t jump into the middle of situations like I used to, sometimes causing problems. But I really am just not there at all. Everything just passes me by.

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  8. Lyrics did absolutely nothing for me. I take Savella twice a day. It is not a fix all, but its better than Lyrics & suppose to help with the moods also. I can definitely tell if I forget to take it. Hope this alternative is helpful. Thank you for the information from your tweets. They really do help me & allow me to know I’m not alone. Thx. ;*)

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