Where, oh Where…?

So, I’ve spent most of the day looking at current research and trying to find something to write about; BUT it’s all so BLAH!

203. acupunctureYes, acupuncture has been found to help those suffering from FM – where’s the new information in that?

Yes, marijuana has been shown to help those suffering from FM – where’s the new information in that?

Yes, dysmenorrhea is especially common in FM – where’s the new information in that?

Obesity, tai-chi, hydrotherapy,  shiatsu, reflexology, yoga – it’s all the same…there is nothing new!

I’ve kept reading, checking Facebook, watching tweets and I can’t find anything! And, obviously, I have done nothing else to tell you about. So, I’m setting you a mission: can you find (somewhere, anywhere) something new about FM?


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  1. go to my blog andf read about the new diagnostic, a blood test to use as a diagnosis for fibro…http://akemisheartmindsoul.blogspot.com/

  2. Medically induced comas??? LOL

  3. I just saw an article the other day that a certain team of researchers in the UK are considering calling Fibro a spectrum disorder. I thought this was huge, breaking news. Sure it makes it a psychological condition, technically, but it sure beats the alternative of people believing it doesn’t even exist. Here’s the link http://www.news-medical.net/news/20130220/Researchers-suggest-that-fibromyalgia-is-a-spectrum-disorder.aspx

    • I don’t know what a spectrum disorder means…do you? I’ll have to look into it!

      • If they lump us into a spectrum disorder that makes Fibromyalgia a mental disorder unless they re-word it. It would be nice to have this actually do something positive but I just don’t see it.


        • From what I’ve just read (quickly) there appears to be different types of spectrum disorders, notably mental spectrum disorders, BUT, in the article that Kathy is referring to, I think the mention of FM as a spectrum disorder is a way of saying FM is not one condition but a group of separate conditions lumped together; and, therefore, treated as such.

          It is the DSM-5’s new diagnostic category called “Somatic Symptom Disorder” that appears to turn FM into a mental disorder.

  4. I researching how and what to ask for when being accommodation under the ADA Americans with Disabilities Act I found a great resource called JAN Job Accommodation Network. On the website there is a search tool so you just plus in your disability and it pulls up information on what job accommodation’s work best for each disease. So here is the search for Fibro:

    Seems like a good resource at least

  5. you have probably already seen this but this company is working on a drug for FM and PTSD.

  6. I just read somewhere, can’t remember where, imagine that, fibro fog lol, oh anyway there is supposed to be a new blood test to prove if you have FM. Its very expensive and you have to order it online and take it to your Dr. For blood draw and they send it to the lab. Sounds like lots of money to me. Not sure how kosher the deal is. Jus sayin. Kathy P.

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